Look to Singapore’s example for realistic and affordable Health Care

August 22nd, 2009
Lack of local, state, and Federal Leadership and avoidance previously by concerned citizens of Town Hall meetings— has caused the US health care debate of disrespect. ++++++Ineffective answers to questions on what it is we are going to do with proposed legislation. The presently constituted Congressional Delegations of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have both seriously detoured from the basics of honest transparency with the American Electorate. Both Parties are going to the Woodshed of America at the next election in 2010 unless the detour from Wall Street to Main Street is constructed with a solid base course and paved in beautiful concrete with appropriate landscaping. The root cause has been the couch potato habits of both young and old watching soaps. And developing habits of non work.  Habits of “me first” for government handouts.  Habits of politicians looking for self interest: locally, regionally, state wide, nationally and internationally.  Contentions must be halted and completely stopped.  The United States Health Care System needs only one habit: “The Habit of Changing Habits”  Better healing, systems and wellness will result on a pay as we go basis. Returning to the law of balanced budgets accountability: in the family, at the local and state level and certainly in every department of the Federal Government is essential to a successful Health Care Improvement. The first solution from Singapore would be to publish completely every speech of President Obama.  This way journalists must do faithful work. For the people can read and decide how their legally constituted members of the House of Representatives and Senate should vote on well prepared and honestly legitimate legislation proposed from the Office of The White House.
The law is clear if a person represents only self in the Congress of the United States.  These types of people can be quickly forced into retirement via impeachment or via the ballot box.

Appoint a Health Czar that is respected as a Leader.  Someone who has a solid reputation earned from meeting commitments honestly.  We suggest the person to right the health care opportunity and move it forward for the betterment of the USA and the global community is Mr. Jon M. Huntsman Sr. His personal experiences with health matters, with building hospitals, with medical professionals and medical emergencies is world wide.  He and his wife Karen have made life long decisions to support neighbors and unknown friends in need across the globe. From Idaho to California, to Pennsylvania, to Utah, to Washington DC and internationally Mr. Huntsman has succeeded in serving others while teaching his own children and grandchildren to work hard and serve others. His son Peter is another admired person known in Singapore and internationally.  Ask the Presidents of the University of Pennsylvania,Utah State University, and the University of Utah about Mr. Jon M. Huntsman.  Ask any alumni or professors from these Universities. His example commands the noble and great to desire to be in his presence to seek his ideas and blessings on their ideas.    He creates harmony and insists on truth first and action second. Unity results.  Contentions caused by In fighting and self promotion will not continue with or around Mr. Huntsman.  President Obama nominated and the US Senate confirmed the appointment of Mr. Huntsman’s oldest son, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., as the Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China.  When Jon Jr. was the United States Ambassador to Singapore he was respected and honored by the Singapore Government.  Ask the Honorable Mentor Minister of Singapore—Mr. Lee Kuan Yew about  Jon Huntsman as a father and the humility+ qualities of his sons.  We can honor the father by paying him one dollar a year to build via the best ideas and experiences available in America and elsewhere— the plan for affordable health care that uses the complete resources of the private sector and limits governmental controls of private lives.  Allow Mr. Huntsman, and Team, to bring to the floor of the Congress a dynamic document that is doable and correct for the people of the United States. Allow Mr. Huntsman to make the decision as to when the health care plan will be available for action by the people, for the people.  With a reasonable and necessary health care system that rewards good health and functionally good systems–the first benefit will be the individual and collective mental health of Americans.  Political misinformation and lack of homework– can no longer be the tonic of the day.  NATO is over.(No Action Talk Only) It is time for united efforts and common sense to prevail with accountable  transparency. Political glory seeking headlines are feed for late night television hosts, but not healthy for patients in pain and in need— nor for the fabric of society.  Health care professionals deserve our respect for years of training excellence. Libel lawsuits for malpractice should be filed on a planet named Mars. Americans want political Leadership to lead or stand aside for new comers to provide solutions with the sacredness of heartfelt and responsible service to the nation. Caring, sharing, and doing for the betterment of the individual, the family, the workplace and community is essential. If not Mr. Jon M. Huntsman Sr. than propose his equal. While President Obama is President we are duty bound to unite together in rebuilding the land of the free.  However we must respect the letter and Spirit of the Constitution as this is the only way to sing “Yes We Can” and the “Battle Hymn of The Republic” and the great songs of the US Military as we work to harmonize our collectives desires and aspirations.  We need a reduction of costs for health care that are realistic and reasonable.  When the bloat is gone we will all stand amazed and ask why didn’t we get off of our mental chairs of complaints sooner?  The Singapore example is note worthy and praise worthy and works. It is reasonable and debt free.  It is a wonderful combination of public and private cooperation and continuous improvements. It is managed with a passion for excellence in service at all levels–full responsibility and accountability is provided and reported.  It is a combination of co-pay. Doctors and nurses teach patients and explain clearly how to make life improvements.  The individual is being taught to be part of their personal management team and this has empowered many to move from illness to wellness and/or prolonged lives. Many of the Singapore systems are doable and very cost effective in the USA. Health Tourism is a large business in Singapore and rightfully so. The Health Care System of Singapore is now at a 3.968 on a scale of 4.0. It has taken a generation of totally focused effort to become a light to the  world.  Singapore’s HealthCare is a living model for the USA to learn from and adopt benchmark practices. This will save/improve lives in an affordable healthy manner coupled with a respecfully progressive cultured environment. Someone like Mr. Jon M. Huntsman Sr. will teach us to adopt the attitude of gratitude as a basis for our course change to a  culture to preserve and respect lives.  From this we can build a health care system upon bedrock that will please the Heavens.

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